Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm going to ruin a lot of things for you.

It's about time my closet narcissism blossomed into full blown egomania. So like most self-interested people running out of breath, I've started a blog. A cooking blog about a bunch of lewd and occasionally stomach turning stories accompanied by some gnarly (and occasionally failed) recipes.

A sad quickie about me:

1) I'm 20 with no drivers license, and I'm still "looking at schools". Oh, I also use to live in philly on my own until I went broke and had to move back to maryland where I now sleep in a bunk bed with my 6 year old nephew.

2) The only professional training I have is in Mixology (the dignified way of saying "I blew 400 dollars for a bartending certificate that's soul purpose is to fill up space on my resume")

3)I'm a seasonal opening manager at a halloween store. I've had this job for two seasonal years- that breaks down into 6 months total which is the longest time i've held on to a job.

4)I blow the majority of my paychecks on baking.

Alright, I think it's time to get started...tommorow. I'm tired.

And for now a video I can't stop watching:

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